One of a Kind Handpainted Chairs


chairsilo_webRoderick’s one-of-a-kind chairs with fabrics he commissions from fine artists have garnered some media attention. Wendy Goodman of New York Magazine’s Design Hunting was the first to spot these extraordinary pieces, and she features Rod’s gilded Bergere chair with upholstery that is actually an original painting by contemporary artist Benice Horowitz.



Garden Dining Tips

Herban Garden TableHere’s a close-up look at the table Roderick designed for the recent Partnership with Children charity event in New York.  The event raised more than $750,000 for programs for inner city kids. In Roderick’s table design you may find inspiration for your next dinner party:

Make it thematic: Make your party memorable for guests by giving it a strong visual and verbal theme. Roderick tied in the purpose of the fundraiser (to nurture the children of New York city with extra-curricular programs and initiatives) with the idea of nurturing an inner city herb garden, or as he put it “The Herban Garden”.

Give it a color-pop: Roderick chose spring green, and let it shine in many shades on everything from fabrics (yes, mix patterns, as he did here with damask and gingham from Robert Allen) to dinnerware to stemware to the dramatic centerpiece of live herb plants that doubled as party favors at the end of the evening.

Inspire your guests: Whether your party is a bridal shower, an anniversary celebration or a holiday occasion, the most special parties are the ones where guests have something to talk about. Roderick engraved various words into the wine glasses, (you can too, it is fast and inexpensive at Mark & Graham) and left a vellum card at each place setting with these words of inspiration:

10 Ways to Partner with Children

by Roderick Shade

 We New Yorkers can embrace the joy of taking actions to care for our city’s children in ways that will help them become strong, capable, confident and leadership-ready adults, just as we might delight in the watchful tending of a delicate windowsill herb garden, urban pocket park or courtyard. We can:

Nurture a child

Inspire a child

Encourage a child

Empower a child

Protect a child

Love a child

Teach a child

Befriend a child

Cheer a child

Enlighten a child

 A great time was had by all at this wonderful event. We wish you all the best with your next party.

Table Overview

Table in the room



Art + Design = Magic


Come to our open house event and get great ideas for making a guest suite so thoughtful, comfortable and colorful that your holiday house guests will remember their stay fondly for years to come. Also, get a look at the latest works of amazing contemporary fine artist Benice Horowitz. We look forward to seeing you. Here are the details!

Hidden Treasure


Rod found this astonishingly beautiful sculpture in a New York city junk shop, drawn to it because it reminded him of how his own brother looked as a little boy. Turns out it is a rare piece by Harlem Renaissance artist Richmond Barthe, one of eight believed by art experts to exist. (Two other known examples are displayed at Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic FallingWater and at the Chicago Art Institute.) The artistic merit of the piece was obvious, even among the junk, but, says Rod, “I never thought it would turn out to be the proverbial Van Gogh in the attic. For me it was something I felt emotionally drawn to and I would be regardless of its value.”

Fine Dining


Dining table in ebonized hardwood by Roderick Shade. Offered in custom sizes and choice finish. For information contact us. Here it is in a completely different setting: