Hallways? Always! 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Hall

Roderick Shade is known for making the most of any space. One of the areas he’s passionate about is Hallways. These often-forgotten passages should be the cognitive link from one room to another. Here, in a compact “railroad” style apartment in Manhattan, he utilized simple Chinese lanterns to light the way dramatically and visually open up the space. A wall painted with bold vertical stripes makes the space look taller and a textured runner adds softness and warmth to the floor.  Art is important, even in hallways, according to Roderick, who placed a vintage Josephine Baker poster in a central location.

Mirrors also open up hallways and allow for that last-minute touch-up before leaving the house. In this hallway, Roderick made the mirror a focal point, added a convenient yet decorative marble shelf for keys and created ambient lighting by adding a glowing silver  leaf to the ceiling and dropping the crown moldings.

Sometimes hallway design can be a way to create a mood in the home. Especially an entry hall. Imagine arriving at a dinner party in this Manhattan loft. The dark drama of the hallway would build anticipation as you made your way along a clear path that Roderick defined with lighting along the base of the wall as well as along a track high above. A soft luminescence glows from the rooms behind frosted glass and steel walls, further heightening the anticipation.